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7.4.15 GHF w/7 Ray Activations

8.8.15 GHF w/Abundance Activation

9.9.15 GHF w/Emerald Ray Activation

10.10.15 GHF w/Blue Ray Activation

11.11.15 GHF w/Violet Ray Ascension Activation

12.12.15 GHF w/Sacred Heart Activation

1.1.16 GHF w/White Fire Activation

2.2.16 GHF w/Twin Flame Activation

3.3.16 GHF w/Earth Star Activation

4.9.16 GHF w/Diamond Light of Love Activation

5.14.16 GHF w/Ascension in the Light Activation

6.11.16 GHF w/Light Victorious Activation

7.9.16 GHF w/Freedom's Holy Light Activation

8.13.16 GHF w/Golden Age Abundance Activation

9.10.16 GHF w/Golden Light of Peace Activation

10.8.16 GHF w/Rose Light of Love Activation & Anointing by Mother Mary

12.3.16 GHF w/Planetary Transformation Alpha & Omega Activation

12.10.16 GHF w/Light of the Christos Seraphim Activation

1.14.17 GHF w/Divine Logos Activation by Alpha and Omega

2.11.17 GHF w/Divine Love Activation by Eros and Amora, the Elohim of Love

3.11.17 GHF with Cornucopia of Wealth Activation by Fairy Queen Fiona

4.8.17 GHF w/Awakening the Lost Codes by God and Goddess Meru

5.13.17 GHF w/Sacred Destiny Codes from Future

6.10.17 GHF w/Light Code Activation from the Future 2023

7.8.17 GHF w/Crystalline Code Activation from the Future

8.8.17 GHF w/888 Abundance Alchemy Activation

8.12.17 GHF w/Elysian Fields Activation

A powerful release from our Future Selves, who have been assisting us from 2023. Each appearance in our Global Healing Forums have been a powerful catalyst. This timely acceleration and soul advancement is a tremendous gift to help us ascend into our fully empowered Illumined Selves. Through each release, we are transported to that amazing time when the world is very changed and where our Future Selves are illumined and free, helping us to align with the truth of who we are and who we become by 2023.

A Message from the Future: We call you, Awakening Souls, into the energy and celestial celebration of the Elysian Fields Activation, where the sweet fragrance of the Divine Life bequeaths its magic to all. As you rise to meet the glorious day, everything is transformed. The precious time has begun and you are a part of this wondrous advancement into a Time of Divine Grace, where the bountiful Gifts of Life become a treasured shared experience by those who are now dwelling in an alter time and higher vibration than the majority of Earth. Know that as you are called and answer that calling… you are the Way Showers bringing in a new reality on Earth. We, your Future Selves bring our many gifts, knowledge, treasures and assistance to help quicken Awakening Souls worldwide, who in vowing to come to Earth to be the change, now receive our help in making those leaps and bounds into the new vibration. Living on a higher frequency, you will see how very precious life becomes, with JOY as the keynote and LOVE the medium whereby life becomes its most perfect expression in, through and around you! – Your Future Selves under the Great Divine Plan.

9.9.17 GHF w/Crystal Light Activation

Message from the Elementals: We, of the Elemental Kingdom, bequeath to the Souls of Earth a Crystal Light Activation, which will help empower and accelerate the Awakening and Ascension now taking place worldwide. We bring this timely activation because it has a specific elemental action that will not only quicken the crystalline energy of souls evolving on this planet, it will activate the crystalline grids as well as ignite crystals in the Earth and around the world, so that they become fiery elements quickening the atmosphere and energies around them. This will have a powerful uplifting effect, not only for those participating in the Global Healing Forum. All sentient beings will be blessed and benefited as well as all elemental life that have been serving humanity and this world. Prepare for the Secret Chamber of your Illumined Spirit to receive a great impetus in expanding the borders of your hearts, minds and bodies, so that you become a vehicle of the Divine rather than the human programs, which have held you and all humanity back for too long. Know that we love you. The Crystal Beings love you, the Divine Ones love you. We are all here to support this Great Change. Thank you for joining us in the Global Healing Forum so that a dynamic transformation can take place, igniting the Divine Codes once latent and buried beneath human programs, can now shift the energetic field of this plane of existence. As within, so without. We come to help you command the elements back into the Divine Perfection within you and in your outer reality. We come to bequeath to you Heaven on Earth in a radiant Garden of Eden that will delight, uplift and inspire every participant, whether human or elemental. We come to bring you GREAT TIDINGS of the Joyous Wonder that is at hand. Open fully to receive these beneficent blessings… with our LOVE!

10.14.17 GHF w/Ancient Codes Activation by the Whales

Message from the Whales: Beloved Ones, we come from the Silent Deeps to bring you a message of great tiding today. The Illumination occurring in the hearts of humanity at this time is a catalyst for positive planetary change. Many souls are rising to a higher destiny in these times and through great works and clear intentions, the world is transforming at a rapid rate. Love is returning to the holographic field. We come to transmit our Sacred Wisdom through the Ancient Codes we carry. As we initiate and activate you, your memory will return and you will be able to step more fully into your Authentic Self. Many clearings and upgrades are taking place through these Global Healing Forums. Now, we've been called to lend a hand in the planetary destiny you came to fulfill. The Ancient Codes will reveal who you are. As you meditate daily on these codes we anchor and activate within you, you can fully realize who you are and the destiny you were born to. This will help you fulfill all you came to Earth for. Know that we love you and hold you in Arms of LIGHT. We seal you in a protective sphere so that you can know a Great Victory in the Earth. We align with you in Sacred Purpose as your elder brothers and sisters. For we all come from the stars and the Realms of LIGHT. Together we came to be at this time of great import to do this mighty work and we shall succeed!!!

11.11.17 GHF w/Codes of Destiny by 7 Seraphim

This Global Healing Forum was hugely impactful. Many of us felt this great impetus of LIGHT that anchored us more fully in our Authentic Selves. Once again, so much was cleared and as we stepped free of the human matrix, we are very changed. Its a glorious moment in time. I feel so absolutely grateful to be a vessel of these Divine Healing Transmissions in each Global Healing Forum and to be witness to the change we are all undergoing together month by month. You can still partake of this great offering and receive all the benefits from it as the Divine Ones release these coded healing activations for those who would receive them in the future.

Message from the Seraphim: We, the 7 Guardians of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy come to restore the Sanctuary of Light within you so that you may fully claim your divinity in the World of Form. For eons of time, humanity has lived out of a false reality, believing they were so much less than the Magnificent Soul Design that is their innate divinity. Believing the mythology of a world's ideologies, they failed to recognize the One True Light Within that would have ever guided them on a Path of Awakening. That True Freedom has eluded the masses living under a planetary travail created from unconscious beliefs and the patterns they set into motion, has been a quandary to those who dwell in the Realms of Light. A unique experience for those living in the matter planes, centuries pass as souls reembody into the same human programs that have limited their self expression lifetime after lifetime. Today we come to champion in the Light, assisting the Violet Soul group who have embodied at this time to awaken the masses and move the planet into an Illumined Future. Freedom is the keynote as month after month through these Global Healing Forums we help to set you free from each next increment of human programs. As the dark matrices in the human psyche are cleared, you emerge into the True Reality that is your Divine Birthright. You become the Illumined Presence that is your Innate Truth and Destiny. You awaken fully, taking your place as a Guardian of the Awakening for those souls you came to minister to. As you are restored, many around you are transformed, uplifted and inspired by the Indwelling Presence and its connection to the Hosts of Light. Thus, as initiates in the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, you undergo an acceleration of the Ascension that is awakening souls worldwide. Know that you are important to this present planetary equation and that we come to assist you in this Time of Great Change. We, the Guardians of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, bequeath the Codes of Destiny Activation so that you can rise into the glory of your Divine Nature and fulfill your Divine Plan. We thank you for joining us as Vessels of this Great Release on behalf of all sentient beings in the matter planes. Together we are illuminating a world and cleansing the darkness so that a Golden Age of Light can be the future destiny for all.

12.9.17 GHF w/Christic Light Code Activation
by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary & Sacred Divine Priestesses

"The Christic Light Code Activation was phenomenal!!! Powerful beyond words, it left me still and peaceful in my core. I felt waves of energy flow through me as the frequencies of light uplifted me and helped me to flow into an effortless alignment!! I literally felt the waves of energy and I felt very new afterwards!! It released so much!!! We were all gifted with so much on this call!! I highly recommend it!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!" – Turiya Vallis, Host of Awakening Heart Network

Message from Mary Magdalene: We come during the Holy Days to initiate you into the Christic Light. Activating the heart center and the Divine Codes within your DNA, we bring you into remembrance. As you step more fully into who you are, so much of who you are not falls away. This is the time when you change completely. When even your DNA is altered so that you are resonant with the Divine Frequencies raising all into a Golden Age of Light. As you come into the rarefied field of your Divine Sanity… you find that the life you once lived was so small compared to the glorious being that you are. As you come into full recognition of your LIGHT, your Majesty and Grace, you find the human programs no longer can take hold. What others say about you will not matter. You will know yourself absolutely and stand resolute in the Truth of who you are.
Self Recognition was an Alchemical Key in the Temple we served in. It is a lost art, as the souls of humanity clamor to attain false identities and to weave false stories about themselves. Who on Earth is standing in their Truth, knowing absolutely who they are? We, the Priestesses of the Christic Light, who served in the ancient temple in Egypt, sought to bring our light to a dark era. Jesus was one of the initiates of the temple. A High Priest finally in his own right, yet one of many who served the LIGHT in our community. That he was singled out and a story woven about his history and ours to create a false fear based religion, is one of the tragedies of our time. Now, today, the truth is being revealed. Those that lusted after the power the priestesses held and sought to wrest it from them so they could be the power behind the thrones, must be shown forth in the light of day. For it is time! Time for the truth of the Feminine Spirit to light the way for all humanity. To gu ide them back to the Authentic Self. To lead them to the Fount of Truth, which is within. As the Christic Light is activated within you, you may remember what truly took place in these ancient times. The tragedies that ensued as the Dark Ones took hold of the religions of the world, and became a dominant doctrine binding souls in a false reality.
We come to break the bonds that have kept souls unfree. To unleash the Christic Light that has been a latent seed in the psyche of humanity waiting for this time to be activated and nourished… so that the mass ascension can take place in all its glory. We come to initiate you into the Sacred Mysteries we held dear… that we fostered in our community with principles we lived by. To transfer that Earth experience to you, so you can know that the Sacred Life is available to you, even in the midst of this busy world. You can rise into the glory of your Divine Self and walk the Earth as a God Free being. Today we assist you to make a leap into that greater reality and as you replay our message, even more light will be released to you, as the activations, clearings, and healing will continue for you, your loved ones and all humanity.  

1.13.18 GHF w/Ascension Activation Alignment
by Elohim Lumina & Sacred Priestesses of the Light

"The Ascension Activation Alignment was a spectacular activation. Incredibly powerful and potent in its reach. We were taken to the heights of transformation and then we were taken even higher as the envelope was pushed to create the most powerful GHF to date. The change was so remarkable. This is a not to be missed experience!!!!" – Turiya Vallis's, host of Awakening Heart Network

Message from Elohim Lumina: A Sacred Destiny awaits! The Light is championing your cause. The Destiny of Destinies begins as you step into the Illumined Presence Within and become the LOVE that is transforming the world! This is a Sacred Calling that must be fulfilled for the Souls of Earth to enter the Golden Age. Each person must attend to their inner world and ignite the Flames of Destiny within. This Inner White Fire is what drives your Sacred Destiny to be fulfilled. It is that inner most sacred part of self that is encoded with the mission and that is why you have kept on no matter what you have faced, always seeking to understand your life passages and to release all that you are not so that the Glorious Self can rise.

Through the initiation and accelerated Soul Advancement we bring in this Global Healing Forum, a Great Change can take place. However, you must do your part. You must seek to find everything in your psyche that is not resonant with LOVE and through Sacred Alchemy (TheQuest 7 Steps), transform it back to the Divine Pattern. In this one act and daily practice, you are aligning yourself with the New Earth and the Vision that called you to this Sacred Work. You are recreating your Self in the Divine Image and Vibration that is a Golden Age of Light manifest in the outer world. As you make the steady changes within supported monthly by our Divine Healing Transmissions and Activations, you will understand why you were drawn to the Temple of Sacred Alchemy and why it is so important for your Ascension in the LIGHT, as the acceleration you undergo will be unparalleled in what the Souls of Earth have known.

This is the Time of Destiny. The time to rise into the full glory of your Divine Self. There is no other time, no future moment for this to happen. It is now. It has come. This is the moment when you understood the changes must be rapid and your mastery of traversing your inner world adept so that you can rise through the Ascension to meet the New Day that is a resonant future reality we call the New Earth. Join us beloved. Give your all to the Cause. Know that you can Ascend for it is your destiny to do so and as you rise, the whole world is rising with you!

2.10.18 GHF w/Flame of Truth Activation
by Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth

Message from Pallas Athena: The preciousness of life is an incomparable adventure. To seek to know the glory of the SELF in its Divine Raimant allows you to find the world through new eyes. To see with a clarity of vision that all is not what it seems. Life is so much more glorious than meets the normal human eye. Only through the eyes of Spirit, can one unlock the Majesty and Grace of the Treasures of Life. Life is abundant. Life is continually blessing. Life is always supportive. It is Divine Action in motion. It is only the human self that gets in the way, that clouds the vision and brings the experience of life into a darkened picture. So, how to change that? How to shift from the old patterns and beliefs and be new. There is a time when the soul becomes weary when it can no longer forge ahead carrying the baggage of the past and seeing life through a darkened lens. When it strives to know the truth that lies behind life’s challenges and why so often it feels so small and ineffectual, yet has so many talents and abilities waiting to burst forth. Why the sorrows, why the cares, and where is JOY?

Today we seek to enlighten a world with the deeper meaning of Life. To bring you into that rarefied view of the true meaning of life’s adventure. To help you see how clearly defined your path has been as you wrote the script before you came and to set you free from all the false beliefs you accumulated as you entered this life and became encumbered with the patterns of this humanity. You are Divine. You came from Realms Divine. You sought to bring your essence into the world of form and to make a difference in this time. You did not realize how challenging it really would be once you arrived and took on the lineage of your choice. How burdens and cares were a Way of Life here and Joy seldom expressed nor experienced. You are JOY at the core of your being… a lighthearted being so loving and caring. You have sealed yourself in a dark cocoon, trying to find safety in a seemingly unsafe world… but then, you’ve closed yourself off to the glorious LIGHT within… that would break through every barrier and unleash its creative expression in this world. It is beauty personified… the one true reality. It is always present, yet remains hidden so often beneath the accumulation of pain you took on.

We are here to ignite the Power Within so that the Glorious Self can rise out of the ashes of the human experience. To set you free to be all that you are, while helping you clear the debris you came here to transform. We are here to give you the Codes of Destiny that will help you fully realize your Full Potential here, fulfilling the purpose you came to Earth for. Know that as the LIGHT WITHIN is ignited, so the darkness must rise. That is why you must be diligent in between every Global Healing Forum, working your own Self Counseling, healing issues as they arise. In this way, you are clearing your inner world at a rapid pace, while we help monthly to accelerate your Soul Destiny through the Ascension into your Authentic Self. Know that we are always here for you. Join us beloved… and watch the old life fade away. With new eyes you will see the truth of what we speak and how glorious is this precious life.

3.10.18 GHF w/Prosperity Acceleration Activation
by Queen Fiona & King Shahalian of the Fairy Kingdom &
the Divine Sponsors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy & this Global Healing Mission

"The Prosperity Acceleration Activation was magnificent!!! Absolutely magnificent!!!! Aurora started off with a powerful activation of our Divine Inner Selves. From there we moved into the Prosperity Acceleration Activation which created a tremendous grounding and opening for me!! I experienced huge waves as the Activation Moved through me! I felt a clearing away of different aspects which were blocking flow and I felt a new sense of a capacity to create an abundant life for myself. Incredible and very palpable!!" – Turiya Vallis, Host and Co-Founder of Awakening Heart Network

A Message from Queen Fiona: Dearest Hearts, we come at a time of Great Promise to a world that is awakening and souls who are embodying LOVE in a greater capacity than we have ever seen before. For it has been many a long era where humanity has toiled and sought to take down others through avarice and greed. In those days, the world grew dark and there was no longer the LOVE expressed to the Nature Kingdoms nor care for our Mother Earth. Today, with souls arising en mass in the Ascension, we of the Elemental Kingdoms have taken heart. For the burden, once too great to almost bear and which you see out-pictured in adverse and virulent weather patterns, is now being lifted each month in these Global Healing Forums. Your support, your coming together, your holding the LIGHT for a planet is a great boost to our kingdoms, allowing us once again to flourish… And when we flourish, all life becomes a bountiful harvest of beauty, riches and wealth. I come today with a Cornucopeia of Great Prosperity with legions of Elementals who are ready to restore Heaven on Earth. We, who love to live in the Edenic Reality of the higher dimensions are assisting in anchoring the Frequency of Prosperity in the Earth, so humanity can flourish once again under the Great Divine Plan. We, who serve the LIGHT unfailingly, know it is time. You have opened up your hearts to receive us and so we are here to serve you in the greatest advancement the world has ever seen as souls across the Earth rise to meet the glory of a Golden Age of Light.

King Shahalian: We of the Elemental Kingdoms rejoice in the budding awareness of a humanity that has been asleep err too long. Finally you are able to access our realms, peeking through the veil that once kept the human world from perceiving the vast array of abundant gifts we live in. This has been one realm that could not be plundered and pillaged by an unconsciousness that wreaked havoc in the physical world. Being in a higher dimensional reality, we have remained safe in our Edenic Paradise and yet, we have such a fond affection for the human world, we have longed for the return of sanity, where once again we could be allies in creating the most beautiful Garden of Eden on Earth. Today we come to support you to advance into a world that is opulent with every Divine Splendor. To anchor Heaven on Earth in your own experience, which will help Heaven be restored on Earth. Each of you is important to this equation, thus we come to assist you, to champion your cause and to raise you from the depths of the human condition into the LIGHT of your True Nature, blessing you with the ABUNDANT LIFE that is yours now to claim!


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