Theta Healing

The ThetaHealing® Technique

Benefits Include Physical and Emotional Healing,
Greater Freedom, Well Being, Harmony & Ease,

Awakening DNA to Highest Potential,
Blocks & Barriers Removed, Enhanced Inner Peace

* Removal of old, stuck limiting beliefs

* Creates feelings beyond what you've experienced before (joy, love, safety, peace)

* Balanced energy centers (chakras)

* Releases radiation you've picked up from cell phones, computers and other electrical equipment

* Healing for yourself, your children, animals, Mother Earth and others

* Assists in connecting with with your Higher Self and Guardian Angel

* Removes wayward entities, curses, psychic attacks from others as well as psychic hooks and attachments

* Call in your most compatible soul mate

* Removes you energetically from a past divorce or relationship

* Assists you in manifesting your dreams

* Love can be sent to the baby in the womb, which can help eliminate with challenges or diseases

* Retrieving soul fragments, lost or disassociated soul parts

Bernadette's Healing Menu
A Vast Array of Magical Hypnosis Journeys & Healing Adventures
50% goes to our Global Healing Ministry

All Sessions are $150 an Hour
Look for her monthly healing specials
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Bernadette Jean Marie, CHTBernadette-Sacred-Priestess-2

A dedicated researcher and healer, Bernadette has been trained in both cutting edge and ancient healing arts and has over 25 years in private practice. A clinical hypnotherapist highly trained in a vast array of advanced healing modalities, she utilizes hypnotherapy with NLP, Sacred Alchemy, and other revolutionary modalities to tap into the power of the inner world. Her Transformational Hypnosis™ Journeys are deep, powerful, and life transforming. Read More Now




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