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Transform your life with illuminating sessions that awaken and aliven, activating the Inner Self to blossom in majesty and grace. Sessions can include DNA activations, Divine recoding, pineal and chakra purification and activation, brain chemistry and hormonal balancing, cells, atoms and electrons charged with Divine Light, Divine Healing Transmissions, Messages, Readings from your Book of Life (akasha), Soul Destiny Readings, healings and transformations.

"Aurora is a Universal Presence of great good will, catalyzing those who come into contact with her into their Authentic Selves. Her insights and healing abilities are remarkable as is her uncanny ability to draw information from the records of the soul as she skillfully clears the past, freeing you to live more fully in your Divine Nature!”

"If by some synchronicity you are able to find Aurora, your life will change absolutely. Under her guidance, unconditional love, deep caring and with her expert knowledge, rapid transform become a living tangible reality. Your life will never the same as you break free of age old barriers and inner constructs that have kept you from being free. Now you will be free to live fully and absolutely your Authentic Self, empowering a higher, nobler way of life." AJ

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Sacred Alchemy

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Sacred Alchemy Energy Clearing

Claiming Your Abundant Life

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One Year Programs

Receive one year of powerful sessions, clearings, coaching and
assistance at 1/3 the price of Dr. Ariel's Normal Sessions!

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Sky Rocket to Success 1 Year Program

Total Life Transformation 1 Year Program

Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium 1 Year Program

TheQuest Life Coach/Counselor Certification 1 Year Course 

beginning_smallAurora's healing is very powerful. She works with the Realms of Light to bring healing on the deepest levels, clearing lifetimes of accumulated debris, including disempowering beliefs, patterns, karma and programming. The result is a return to the Authentic Self, where the client can actualize a greater potential and fulfill a Higher Destiny than the fate their human programs would have dictated. Under her expert care, countless lives have been healed of conditions once thought incurable, irreversible or unchangeable. Each session is a landmark experience taking the client on a journey of Self Discovery, resulting in Self Empowerment, Self Realization, Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace.

In her words, "What can be accomplished now with the evolutionary stage we are at is tremendous. In the past, each session cleared one Inner Aspect (sub personality carrying false beliefs and unhealthy pattens). Now, a greater clearing takes place each time, healing thousands and sometimes millions of aspects. In each session I see a link up of the Inner Aspects, so a tremendous healing also takes place in the family line and for all humanity. Immediately the client is restored to their Authentic Self and can see their life, past and future from a Higher Vantage Point. This assists the soul in reclaiming their Lost Identity and making sense of their life challenges. A greater understanding takes place and their Life Path becomes clear. They now realize everything they have passed through, no matter how difficult the challenge, has been for their highest growth and soul advancement.'

'12033189_976989325690914_1568309697316085912_nIn the sessions, their advancement is accelerated and in record time they can move through the darkest nights and most adverse conditions, emerging into the glory of their Divine Nature. They become clear, directed, and on purpose, fulfilling a Higher Destiny Potential. As the past is cleared and the patterns that created it are healed, the soul emerges free to live a more purposeful life in accord with their Divine Plan. Through the 'transfiguration' they ascend into a higher state of being and even their life path alters, allowing greater freedom as a more illumined future appears.'

'It has been miraculous watching the quick change in individuals who were once burdened by life sentences of suffering. Knowing we can change the adverse conditions of our lives and step free is a miracle. I am grateful I found a way to help myself, my family and all humanity make those leaps in consciousness, awakening to the truth of who we are, and fulfilling the missions we came to Earth for. Waking up from the 'dream' into the glorious reality that is ever present within is one of the most enlightening and powerful experiences we can have.'

'A return to Authentic Selfhood allows us to live the life that was meant for us and which was impossible in times past, given the degree of human patterns that have continually played out, passing from generation to generation, creating all the havoc in our world. We are living in the Time of the Great Awakening and those who are called to do this Inner Work are the ones who emerge as the Way Showers helping all humanity move forward into the Transformed Future encoded in our hearts."


Healing Sessions, Life Coaching, Consultations,
Speaking Engagements, One Year Programs & Group Trainings

All Healing & Life Coaching Sessions are $333 an Hour
with a special 4 sessions for $250 each

Optimum Health & Lifestyle Plan – $333 an hour
Includes Full Assessment & Individualized Plan

Sky Rocket to Success One Year Program
Unleashing Your Full Potential, You Rise to a Whole New Level
12 one hour sessions for $1000 each

Total Life Transformation One Year Program

Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium One Year Program

Consultations for Life Dilemmas & Direction: $333 an hour

Free Consultations are Available
With serious interest in Courses, Trainings and Programs

Speaking Engagements, Trainings, Courses, Events, Healing Forums
for groups, centers, corporations, businesses and health practitioners

$5000 a day   
$12,888 Weekends

$15,000 for 3 days
$25,000 for 7 days

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