Institute of Advanced Healing


Aloha from Aurora,

Its time to be FREE to fulfill our Highest Destiny, anchoring Heaven on Earth in our own life experience, restoring Eden on Earth.

Our ever growing team of exceptional healers are ready to assist you to come into the next level of your Authentic Self. We have a vast array of offerings including Sacred Alchemy, Ho'oponopono, Total Life Clearings, TheQuest, Soul Remedy Healings, Energy Clearings, Soul Destiny Readings, and more.

If you are seeking healing, insights, Keys to your Destiny, or a Total Life Transformation, our Virtual Healing Temple has a vast array of healing modalities and programs to support you in your Soul Advancement. **When you heal your life, you change your destiny. You are no longer subject to the fate dictated by your human programs. Self sabotage dissolves and your True Nature comes forward to lead the way. This is the key to living in the Miracle Consciousness, which by its very essence attracts Abundance into your life. The True Secret behind the Law of Attraction! By healing the human programs and resolving your dilemmas quickly, you empower your Authentic Self to bring forth miracles and blessings beyond what you could ever dream or desire. Actualizing this greater potential is a glorious and Abundant Way of Life.

We who share our many offerings through this Virtual Healing Temple are here to serve you in fulfilling all you came to Earth for! May this be your most glorious year ever!


About Institute of Advanced Healing

The Institute of Advanced Healing was founded in 2003
under the direction of Mother Mary, sponsor of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy

to bring out TheQuest worldwide, as well as the sessions, advanced healing protocols, and programs
developed by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Today, a full healing menu is available along with personalized
Optimum Health and Lifestyle, Total Life Transformation, Miracle Weight Loss,
Brain Balancing/Restoring, Addiction Release and other Programs

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