Your Human Computer Has a Virus

Your Human Computer Has a Virus
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Humanity has forever struggled with serious conditions believing, on earth, challenge and suffering is a way of life. Trapped in never-ending troubles, the people in this world have not known how to change the challenging circumstances in their lives. Feeling like victims, they resign themselves to their lot in life or wear themselves out trying to change a seemingly inescapable destiny. There is a virus that has gotten into the human computer and it has reprogrammed our planet into a world of strife.

If you’ve ever felt trapped in a situation that felt like a prison, you will know what it feels like for a majority of people on the planet. They work harder and faster to dig themselves out of trouble, but no matter how hard they try, they can’t escape. The walls of the prison close in around them so securely they can feel the cold steel bars in their hands.

They may pound their fists on the prison walls. They may cry out for God to release them. They may shudder at the thought of being relegated to a life sentence and, in their heart of hearts, long for freedom and peace, but there’s no way out. No amount of prayer, affirmations, or creative visualizations makes a dent. They remain held in the grip of financial constraint, a serious illness, an overweight condition, addiction or challenging relationship dynamic. They are continually upset, strained and under immense stress. Their life circumstance feels like a prison sentence, incurable and unchangeable. Finally, they let go and submit to their fate. They turn to the bottle, get lost in television, overeat, or sit in denial that anything is wrong.

Such was the case with a talented man who had become entrenched in a romantic alliance that felt like a prison. While he continually strove to escape, life circumstances rendered him power less to move on. When asked if he had addressed the subconscious patterns in charge of his situation, he simply said, “I’m doing my daily affirmations and visualizations.” Meanwhile, years were passing by.

It is a rare individual who understands the power of the subconscious and who has the tools to extricate him or her self from the past and create a new future. A majority of people just submit themselves to their fate. They give up when the going gets tough and learn to live with their challenges, believing that is all they deserve. They wear the ‘burkas’ of disempowerment. They take abuse from their mates. They live with ridicule and judgment.

They dream of an abundant life while accepting minimum wage jobs that barely meet their family’s needs, failing to get the education, training, or job experience that would give them a better life. They kill themselves to achieve their goals while barely enjoying the precious time they are allotted on earth. The future becomes all-important while the present is lay to waste. Finally, the dreams that once lit up their eyes become dying embers as they resort to what they’ve been taught, “Life is hard. This is your karma. You must submit to your fate. That is how it is on earth.”

So many beliefs have left humanity cut off from the power of the Authentic Self and their rightful inheritance. These beliefs become patterns etched in time. Anchored in the subconscious, they play out in the physical world, perpetuating strife until the dream of a better future is erased from the minds of the people.

Most of us know people who are stuck in circumstances or who keep revolving the same life pattern. We see this with the abused woman who continually manifests the next abusive mate, the henpecked, dominated man who continually does his wife’s bidding, or the alcoholic whose life revolves around drinking. We want to help them extricate themselves from their troubles. We may spend endless hours counseling them or even showing them a way out, but they remain rooted in their problems, or keep manifesting the same fate.

Perhaps you have felt trapped in some life drama, challenging circumstance, or illness. To change this woeful inheritance, the inner virus must be addressed. This is powerful magic and a lost secret that has been buried in time. When you understand that every painful condition was first a pattern in your subconscious, you can unweave the viruses in your human computer and change the circumstances of your life.

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