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Our Divine Sponsors
A Message from The Founder

Upon the completion of the development of Sacred Alchemy, Mother Mary appeared to me with the scent of roses and shared her vision of the Global Healing Ministry that has become a living reality today. Coming on board as one of the main Divine Sponsors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, which was founded under her direction in 2000, with 33 spiritual board of directors known and revered across the Earth, their Divine Complements and entourages, she opened up the Inner Planetary Healing Forum where many souls could be healed on the deep levels of the psyche in each session.

This has resulted in millions of souls receiving divine assistance, healing, upliftment and advancement across the Earth. Later she inspired me to bring out TheQuest, a 7 step Sacred Alchemy healing process so that souls across the world could heal their lives and change their destinies, doing the work on their own, while graduates of the Life Coach/Counselor Program would serve communities worldwide. She said, “Through the Sacred Alchemy work, we are changing the world from within.”

Since then, its been glory unto glory… with so many miracles continually. I’ve seen the most impossible cases transform, even though they were seemingly incurable, irreversible or unchangeable… life sentences of suffering dissolved away as light filled futures appear on the horizon. Today it is my JOY to pass the higher initiate Sacred Alchemist trainings to advanced souls across the planet. I hope you can join me in the virtual Mystery School classes, monthly Global Healing Forums, and/or Sacred Destiny Retreats or Sacred Site Tours.

May the Infinite Blessings Abound,
Setting our world aright!

Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

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