Living in the Miracle Consciousness

miracles_33_day_program_headerLiving in the Miracle Consciousness
A Self Actualization – Total Life Transformation Program

that can be used over 7 days, 33 days, 12 weeks or more,
or however/whenever you are inspired.

The Magical Life Awaits! Through this empowering Total Life Transformation Program, the old self falls away to reveal the glorious Divine Self that lives at the center of your being. When this Self is activated, you enter the magical world of the Miracle Consciousness, as the Edenic Consciousness within manifests Heaven on Earth in your life experience.


This program includes $177 in products for only $88!

Earth Star Activation by the Queen Fiona, Queen of the Fairies, the Elemental and Crystal Kingdoms, and Angelic Hosts (audio) ($33 value)
Anchoring the Grand Design for your Soul by Eros, Elohim of Love (audio album) ($22 value)
The Soul’s Journey (audio album) ($33 value)
Mystic Echoes (Sacred Songs from Realms of Light music album) ($20 value)

Bonus Products:

TheQuest ebook and TheQuest 7 Step audio CD ($47 value)
The Indwelling Spirit ebook ($22 value)


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Transformation of the shadow (younger aspects) of self is an important Alchemical Key. This you will learn to do using TheQuest 7 steps, so that you will be living in the Miracle Consciousness of your Divine Self more often. This allows the Divine Plan for your life to manifest in all its glory. Adding in the Divine Healing Transmissions daily helps you to stand in the truth of your Authentic Power and be a commanding presence in the Earth. As the DNA is restored to the Divine Pattern, your life changes from within very rapidly. Awakening, advancing, and living in the Miracle Consciousness is a blessed experience. A new passion for Life comes alive within you… and with it the Joy, Harmony, and Peace of your True Nature. Magic, miracles, divine synchronicities are the result as you open more fully to receive the bountiful blessings of life.


How to Utilize the Self Actualization Program

As usual, tuning into your Inner Divine Self is always the best guide.
However, the suggested program is designed to give you fantastic results.
Modify as you feel inspired.


Listen to the Earth Star Activation
Read a letter from the Indwelling Spirit book

During the Day, as inspired…

Listen to the Sacred Songs in the Mystic Echoes music album
Read TheQuest to understand the psyche, master your psychology, actualize your greatest potential, and live in the Miracle Consciousness of your Authentic Self
Listen to the Journey of the Soul

Evening: Listen to the Anchoring the Grand Design for your Soul – Divine Healing Transmission

Mastering the Art of Sacred Alchemy via TheQuest: As Issues Arise, Practice TheQuest 7 Steps (using the steps from the book or audio CD – track 10) to heal the patterns creating distress in your life… quickly bringing yourself back to the Peace of your True Nature.

As you clear the way for your Eternal Immortal Self to rise into its fully glory,
you will be living in the Miracle Consciousness
that is birthing Heaven on Earth in your Life Experience.




dawnEarth Star Activation by Queen Fiona, Queen of the Fairies,
the Elemental and Crystal Kingdoms, and Angelic Hosts

Receive this powerful Divine Blessing from Fiona, Queen of the Fairies and the Elemental Kingdoms of Light, who help govern the Perfection of the Earth Realm that is heralding in the LIGHT of Spring in the Northern Hemispheres and the Great Harvest in the Southern Regions, helping anchor Heaven on Earth in your own life experience, bringing an unprecedented Healing of the Earth and a cleansing of humanity from the patterns that have created the Great Travail, which is now out-picturing in Elemental Life across the planet creating great distress in the many kingdoms and planes of being.

The Earth Star Activation divinely charges the planet with a special light to cleanse the Earth, heal the schisms in the psyches of humanity, your family and yourself that manifest as planetary chaos rending the fabric of harmony that is the innate destiny of Earth. The Light of Divine Realms release and unburden the Elementals so they can out-picture divinely perfect weather patterns and Earth Conditions restoring Divine Perfection in the Earth Planes.


A Message from Queen Fiona and the Elemental Kingdoms

"Today we come, Beloved, to join you in your Mighty Effort on behalf of the Earth. Long have we waited to be acknowledged by humanity, to be brought out of the mythology that surrounds our Kingdoms and to stand in the Light of Day, acknowledged and accepted for the mighty work we do on behalf of all humanity. For we not only govern Earth, Air, Fire and Water, we assist humanity in creating a Garden of Eden on Earth. We help many souls with their burdens and we seek to be known to those we serve. Come and cast out your cares. Let us lift off your burdens and set you free. Rise with us into that Glorious Light of your True Nature so you can see us as we really are, your champions and Friends of Light. All of you who are weary of the dramas of Earth, who feel there is no way out of the madness of the time, come bask in our LIGHT and let us bring you to the glorious awareness of how much you have accomplished on Earth already. We are here to help you every step of the way until Eden is fully restored on Earth. Today we rise into full view Heralding in the LIGHT of Spring and we also tend to the Harvest Time in the Southern Regions. We who dwell between the worlds want you to know that you are loved, supported and cared for by the Elemental Kingdoms of Light. We are here to serve with you until that glorious day when the Light of Love guides the journey of each soul who comes to Earth.”


Anchoring the Grand Design Of Your Soul
by Eros, Elohim of Love

Divine Healing Action: Raising you into the New Vibration of LOVE, Rose Ray Healing of schisms within you and the psyche of humanity, Transformation of all that is less than LOVE, all patterns creating war, hatred, and disease, Fanning Flames of Divinity Within You, Awakening You To Who You Really Are.

From Eros: In this moment, as we of the Heaven Realms come with a New Vibration, enfolding all in the peaceful sacred presence of the divine, there is a grand opportunity; a grand design unfolding for your soul and you can rise to meet it. You can choose the Healing Power of Love that is gifted into your hands by Elohim of Love today. This is a momentous spectacular release, Beloved. Each time you listen to this message, you can feel the upliftment as the Sacred Fire of Love burns bright within your soul, every atom, cell and electron is quickened, your solar awareness awakened, and you feel the unity with the God Presence within. You can feel the harmony of the spheres, the great loving as Father Mother God through us enfolds you. You can feel Love as it courses through your veins and heals the blocks and memories with their causes and cores. You can be awakened to a momentous reality, which shall bring great peace to your soul.

Today you may claim a greater love within your soul by opening your heart fully to our message and the light of love that descends when you listen to it. Let it fill your heart. Let it heal the wounds. Let it heal the harshness, hardness, stubbornness and belief systems that are etched in until they become rigid realities. You need not be confined to these lesser experiences of love any longer. Seek now the greater freedom of your soul's expression, as it becomes the full embodiment of the Love of the Divine Presence within you. Awaken to this Inner Light and feel the full God Presence living and moving and having its being within you, moving you into alignment with the new vibration of LOVE.



The Soul's Journey

Guided in a Hypnosis Journey by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bernadette Jean-Marie, pioneering doctor and healer, Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD accessed the highest Realms of Light to find the Truth about the Soul’s Journey and reason for embodying on Earth. Includes timely information on the group of Violet Souls presently embodying on the planet to help bring in a Golden Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace.

The Sacred Knowledge Collection brings timely wisdom to an Awakening Humanity at a time of Great Change on Earth. Each CD is specially designed to illuminate, uplift, and inspire humanity into an Age of Enlightenment and Peace. In the tradition of the Oracles of Delphi, whose access to higher realms brought forth Sacred Knowledge helping many in their time, this Inner Quest for Truth led to landmark discoveries, answering age old questions about death, dying and the Afterlife (CD #1), the soul’s preparation for embodiment and its Life Plan on Earth (CD #2), and the Coming Times – what is in store for the inhabitants of Earth 2012 – 2033 and beyond (CD #3).   


Unknown-3Mystic Echoes

Sacred Songs from the Realms of Light
By Aurora Juliana Ariel & Bruce BecVar

Profound healing can take place as you experience this Sacred Healing Music Journey by Aurora Juliana Ariel and Bruce BecVar. Sequenced to perfection, this masterful weave of exquisite melodies with exotic vocals bring Peace to the mind, Rejuvenation to the body and Inspiration to the soul, the optimum experience in Regeneration.



TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny
A Revolutionary Breakthrough Self Healing System

by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

"People would not choose to suffer if they knew this was available."

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Ariel unveils her breakthrough Healing System, the 7 Master Keys to Inner Peace, and a powerful Life Mastery Path. She demystifies the psyche like no other work has done and provides tools to quickly resolve issues, restore harmony in relationships, master your psychology, and heal the scars from your painful past. Through years of pioneering work in the ‘uncharted realms’ of the psyche, she made many landmark discoveries, uncovered the cause of suffering, and developed a cure that could change the destiny of the planet. Distilled into seven powerful steps, TheQuest is designed to accelerate a personal and planetary transformation that could help end suffering on Earth. Inspiring a Journey of Self Discovery that is empowering and life changing, TheQuest unlocks the Secret Code to your True Identity and provides a Key to Actualizing your Full Potential.



TheQuest is a rarified healing system that works at such a core level, subconscious patterns clear at lightning speed. –Jared Rosen, Co-Author of The Flip and Inner Security And Infinite Wealth

TheQuest unblocked a subtle but powerful limitation in my life. -Jack Canfield, author of Success Principles and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

TheQuest tools are like laser surgery for the soul. The operation is fast, relatively painless and totally effective. People would not choose to live with pain if they knew this was available. -Julie Mara, Business Consultant, Boca Raton, Florida

TheQuest is like a soul clean up, or 50,000 mile check up for the inner being and the changes are permanent. -D.J. Martinovich, Physical Therapist, Palm Springs, California

The space Aurora holds for healing is so powerful that one has no choice but to move forward in her Presence. -Randolph Craft, founder, Pacific Planning Institute, Kona, Hawaii

I felt as if I had been bathed in the serene waters of the Holy Spirit! -Krystofer, Recording Artist, Ventura, California

TheQuest allows me to address issues as they come up and transform it at its core in one session! -Colleen LisowskiBusiness Owner, Maui, Hawaii



TheQuest 7 Step Self Healing Technique

By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

In this CD, Dr. Ariel unveils the 7 Step Self Healing process she developed that can help you quickly resolve every issue, heal every pattern, change every challenge and emerge from every situation victorious. Gently, she guides you through the 7 steps in a healing journey of self discovery, self empowerment and self actualization. As you journal your inner process, you gain greater insights, revelations, understanding and compassion for yourself and others. Self judgments fall away as well as misconceptions and misunderstandings. You emerge feeling empowered, clear and directed, a whole piece to your inner patterning resolved.

"This CD  is the breakthrough many have been waiting for,
giving people a way to heal their lives in the privacy of their homes
with tools they can use for life.”



The Indwelling Spirit
Timely Messages for the Souls of Earth
An Illumined Pathway to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace
by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

The resounding echo through this book is that we are loved. Through this LOVE of the Indwelling Spirit we are inspired to see, know, and love ourselves in the way that God loves us. When we love ourselves absolutely, we give ourselves our best life. Embracing ourselves from this Divine Perspective, we live Sacred and Abundant Lives accessing the Great Power Within. As we consecrate the moments of our existence to a Higher Purpose, we allow the Divine Plan for our life to fulfill itself in and through us. Living in the Miracle Consciousness, we enter the Miraculous Life, a sacred and richly fulfilling existence where we uncover Life's Sacred Mysteries, witnessing to the majesty and glory of our Authentic Self as we walk our Highest Destiny Path. A Guide to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace, the writings in this book inspire us upon an Illumined Pathway to realize our full potential. They unveil the Secret Code to our True Destiny. These Sacred Writings reveal the Majesty and Power of our Innate Divinity and speak to the extraordinary mission we have come to Earth to fulfill at this significant time. Eloquently written through letters from the Inner Self, this book is destined to help awaken and inspire humanity in its next evolutionary leap in consciousness, igniting positive world change and a planetary transformation unparalleled in Earth history swiftly restoring Eden on Earth.

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