Ho’oponopono: The Transforming Power of Forgiveness

The Transforming Power of Forgiveness

by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

In 1991, a Kahuna stepped into my life and began transferring powerful healing arts to me.  He said he had felt drawn by the healing music coming from my home. After meeting me, he had seen visions of my future where I was helping people all over the world. He knew that he was supposed to pass the Kahuna Lineage to me, though normally it is passed to someone in the family. I was Soul Family. His Visions of my future had confirmed this.

So began a series of sessions over two years with Grandmaster Pang. He was traveling between the island of Oahu and Portland, running a Shaolin martial arts school in both locations that was helping Youth at Risk. Each time I saw him, he would scan me from head to toe. Seeing my inquiring look, he would say, “This knowledge cannot be misused. I have to make sure it is ok to pass it.” He would then transfer the most amazing healing arts to me. Immediately, my healing sessions would go to a whole new level with my clients and my inner sight and awareness would increase!

One of the most powerful healing arts was Ho’oponopono. This ritual of forgiveness releases us from the heavy weight we’ve carried from of our past, including painful memories, stigmas from the projections and judgments of others, and traumatic experiences. It is a very freeing experience. One session I give is a complete life clearing. We start at the present and work our way back to birth or before, healing each memory and negative dynamic with others. This work can take one hour or five, depending on one’s life history, but must be continued until everything is complete. People have tremendous life changes from the work. Relationships are healed and the person becomes more of their True Self.

Through this work, I learned the value of releasing negative emotions and situations. Aka cords tie us to others, draining our energy and keeping us in a negative dynamic with them. Grandmaster Pang said that the ancient Hawaiian’s likened us to bowls of light that accumulate stones from our life experiences. These stones must be removed for us to be our best selves, thus, the importance of practicing Ho’oponopono.

In 1993 on my birthday, Grandmaster Pang passed his Mana (Healing Power) to me in a sacred ceremony that graduated me as a Kahuna. This was a powerful conclusion to some of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Since then it has been a great joy to perform this powerful healing and passing this sacred knowledge and healing tradition to my clients.

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