Sacred Alchemy Weddings

10553573_892874724160066_5566957274285223307_nSacred Alchemy Weddings
with Reverend Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Spectacular Wedding Packages Designed to Enhance your Wedding Experience
and Prepare You for a Happy, Fulfilled Marriage

Your Wedding may be one of the most important and significant days of your life. Preparing yourself inwardly and outwardly is important! Many times couples enter the Wedding Ceremony exhausted from all the preparations and Twin Soulsflurry of activities surrounding their special day with their honeymoon spent recovering! Sacred Alchemy Weddings are different. Reverend Aurora has designed a Sacred Experience for couples who are ready to take that next step of commitment.

Sacred Alchemy Weddings are designed to help you come to this Sacred Event prepared with clarity, an open heart, and peace of mind so that you can make the most of this important experience. From pre-counseling and marriage preparation to up to 7 days of preparation and sacred rituals, Reverend Aurora Juliana Ariel has comprehensive packages to help you create a truly unique and deeply sacred experience you will remember forever. As you read about them, tune in to what can be the most supportive and Rev Aurora is available for a Free Consultation to help you choose what is the highest and best for you. Normally, Sacred Alchemy Weddings are available on the island of Maui and in Sedona, however, special arrangements can be made for the location you've chosen. This, of course, upon her availability. (Her travel/lodging expenses can be included in your package).



Sacred Marriage
Total Life Transformation Programs

Entering marriage with a tool belt that can assist you for life as well as mastery in the Art of Sacred Relationship can make all the difference to your future experience. We provide different Total Life Transformation programs tailored to your needs. This can include your own individualized Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan, Miracle Weight Loss Program, and any of Aurora's Advanced Healing Protocols. Your program can be anywhere from one month to one year to help prepare you for a conscious loving relationship that has the capacity to fulfill all your deepest desires…  with a great love and deep sense of unity, purpose, and trust. During a Free Consultation with Rev Aurora, a perfect program will be designed just for you.



1-7 Day Spectacular Sacred Alchemy Weddings

Experience the magic of Sacred Rituals
as you enter Sacred Marriage that can include
a Healing Restorative Day at a spa retreat,
Sacred Journeys at spectacular sites,
private Vow and Marriage Blessing Ceremony, and more
as you prepare for your great event to create the wedding of your life!



Sacred Alchemy Wedding Preparation Packages
With Reverend Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

12795522_1195612723783067_3838320282269939136_nPreparing For Your Wedding: These programs are designed to prepare you for marriage. Part One assists you in clearing any issues with your mate in individual as well as a couple sessions. Part Two assists you in setting clear intentions for your relationship and marriage. Part Three assists you in preparing and writing your Vows. You can choose individual elements to enhance your wedding preparation experience or enjoy a complete package that is best for you. Individual prices allow you to tailor your perfect experience or choose from the packages below.

Couples Counseling: Clear the way from any unresolved issues. This is your opportunity to address those issues or challenges that are important to change, and to help you heal any negative feelings or blocks to your marriage and its greatest success. 2 hour session: $250

Individual Counseling: Heal the last fears, worries, doubts, or sources of unhappiness in your relationship and clear the way for a successful, happy marriage that is true to your Vision and highest ideals. 2 hour session: $250

BELOVEDSSetting Clear Intentions For Your Marriage: This two hour session assists you in exploring what is important for you in your relationship and setting those clear intentions together in a form that will assist you to live true to your marriage ideals. $250

Preparing and Writing Your Vows: Spend time together and individually, exploring the values that are important to you for your marriage, then spend time alone in a guided session with Dr. Ariel, working on the intentions that are important to you and writing your Vows. Guidance will be given for editing, clarifying, and structuring your Vows, in a poetic, beautiful, and meaningful expression to your mate. 4 hours: $500

Sacred Wedding Ceremony: Reverend Ariel helps you to design your wedding with all the unique touches that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is a beautiful way to begin your marriage by preparing for your wedding, clearing the way for a spectacular marriage! $250



Sacred Alchemy Wedding Packages


$500 Package

Meeting with Couple (2 hr)
Setting clear intentions for the relationship
Assistance writing Vows

Wedding Ceremony


$750 Package

Private 2 hr. Session With Each Person
Counseling on important issues
Clearing negative couple dynamics.
Eliminating any negative potentials

Wedding Ceremony


Picture16$999 Package

Private 2 hr. Session With Each Person
Meeting With Couple for 2 hr session
Counseling on important issues
Clearing negative couple dynamics
Eliminating negative potentials
Wedding Ceremony


Picture19$1250 Package

2 Private 2 hr. Counseling Sessions With Each Person
Clearing personal issues
Opening to the Greater Possibilities
Reviewing important couples issues
Clearing negative couple dynamics.
Eliminating negative potentials
Marriage Direction Counseling With Couple – 2 hr
Setting clear intentions for marriage – 1 hr each
Assistance writing Vows – 1 hr each
Wedding Ceremony



Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD is an ordained minister in the Temple of Sacred Alchemy
providing complete packages and programs to help you
prepare for and experience the most Sacred Day of your life.

Email us for a Free Consultation with Rev Aurora to
create your perfect Sacred Alchemy Wedding

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