Darkness Before the Dawn

Darkness Before the Dawn
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

As one age closes and another begins, the soul of humanity is crying out. It wants release from the human patterns that have kept it bound in limiting conditions. It can no longer live with the way things are. This catalyzing force within the human psyche is a clarion bell of prophetic wisdom. It tells us: The time has come for humanity to move to the next level of soul evolution, and Awakening Souls throughout the world are paving the way. They are breaking out of the prisons that confined their ancestors. They are embarking on a journey into uncharted realms to find their identity and reason for being here. They are paving a way for others who, less courageous, need strong leaders to guide the way.

Perhaps you’ve felt the confines of this present era. You look around and wonder how the planet will survive. Entrapped in your own life circumstances, you struggle with challenging situations, overwhelmed by responsibilities, and engulfed in a torrent of unresolved emotions. Through these challenges, you are longing to break free from limitations, break down the barriers, free your creative expression, and realize your greater potential. While these experiences can feel like you in a prison of circumstance beyond remedy, it is when you feel the most trapped that you are ready to break free.

Sometimes the darkest hour is right before a glorious dawn. It is at these times you can no longer tolerate the circumstances you are living in. You tried to make changes, but still feel locked in situations that finally become unbearable. It has all been too much or has gone too far. Yet, it is immense challenges that can catalyze you to make the greatest changes. When faced with the immensity of human problems born of human error, you can no longer ignore the bondage that has limited your creative self-expression.

The world situation is telling us it is time for us to end the strife that has long been a part of the world condition, to step free of the darkness that has entrapped humanity for too long. The Reign of Darkness must end. Each person must decide if they are ready to end suffering, if they are ready to end the pain that has traversed their family line and to step free of everything that has bound and confined them.

It is not easy to be an Awakening Soul, to have a Vision of a better world encoded in your heart when others seek the status quo. It is a journey that takes courage. It can bring you to the brink of darkness and despair, and leave you bereft of comforts that can only come with a high price, the loss of your soul awareness. These challenges can be your greatest ally, and bring you through a powerful change. If you go to the deepest levels in your search for a remedy, you will find a cure by healing the patterns that are behind the difficulties you are manifesting in your life. Your outer world experience, with its myriad conditions and relationships, is but a mirror to a lost world within. You must be courageous to make this trek, but the reward is great. You will reclaim your Lost Self.

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