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About Our Sacred Alchemist World Tour

nMU4yjB9zsGtCl7zQJTJAhdjO46oonfYhWNkBUdh1wXvED7yJtC0tJJCLOBaEYAxvPEp3PPgwfac6-RV1wuJ=s0Join The Oracle and our Divine Sponsors on the Sacred Alchemist Tour
with Sacred Destiny Retreats, Mastery Trainings, and Courses at Sacred Sites Around the World


The Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium
An Initiation into the Inner Mysteries of the Soul

Join us for High Initiate Mastery Trainings at Sacred Sites Around the World

Bask in the Benevolent Energy of Divine Masters
and Illumined Ones from the Realms of Light
Who sponsor and divinely orchestrate the most glorious retreats and tours
transforming lives and actualizing potentials worldwide

SA-logo-gradientIMG_1350Through The Oracle,
Divine Masters will guide you through the Sacred Mysteries
at some of the most ancient sites in the world
Initiating you through the 7 Gates into a Soul Discovery and Empowerment
align you in a HIGHER DESTINY PATH,
And assist you to joyously fulfill your SACRED PURPOSE on Earth

This Mastery Training is a call to the Advanced Soul
Who is ready to actualize a Greater Potential and fulfill a Higher Destiny
This Destiny is not set in stone. You may be born to a high destiny and you also took on
human patterns and limiting beliefs that must be cleared for you to actualize a greater potential.

Picture41To fulfill the Highest Destiny,
you must clear the way so you can live it fully.

This is the Path of the Sacred Alchemist,
the one who finds themselves in the midst of the human condition,
Rises like a Phoenix to claim his/her Authentic Power,
And demonstrates an Illumined Pathway for humanity.
To fulfill this, you must gain mastery and skill over your psychology,
And rise daily to claim your Victory in the Earth.

This initiatic path gives you the Alchemical Keys
to realize the destiny you were born to fulfill.
It brings remembrance of who you are,
so you can stand in your Authentic Power and deliver your offerings to the world.
It awakens you to the TRUTH..
So you can fully embrace the depth and breadth of this human experience
with the greatest mastery and skill.
It gives you the gift of Sacred Alchemy,
so you can cleanse your soul of the human programs
that have held you back and kept you limited and unfuflilled.

Feel the calling?
If you know you are meant to be with us
at our next Sacred Site Tour
let us know right away!

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