Search for a Lost Identity

Search for a Lost Identity
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Today, millions of people have embarked on a quest for their lost identity, longing to know the reason they have embodied on earth. Through this quest, many people are now living their Soul Purpose. There is a mass exodus from old systems and belief systems, because these have not translated into personal happiness and fulfillment.

People are weary of the grind, and many have found emptiness in the pursuit of wealth. There is a return to values that are important, and the well-being of all is finally making it to the top of the list, because the cry of human travail has become too loud to go unnoticed.

Lack and self-denial have played their role in driving people to rediscover what the ancients clearly knew, that having a fulfilling life is really quite simple. Follow your passion and you will be happy. Love and respect yourself, and you will feel confident and self-assured. Enjoy the gifts that are continually being provided, and you will live an Abundant Life. Honor and respect others, and you will live in peace.

While much of the focus of the human potential movement has been on finding peace, Joy has also been lost to our society. To live joyously is to live fully! When you are passionate about what you are doing, your joy knows no bounds, and this is infectious.

You inspire others and create harmony in your life. You rise on wings of creative expression as joy inspires your greatest efforts. Without joy, you may go through life feeling numb, checked out, overburdened, angry, bitter, or shut down, but when joy fills your whole being and sails you into ever-new realities, life becomes an exciting adventure.

So, how can you feel joy when the going gets rough and you face immense challenges? How can you feel fulfilled when your life experiences are harsh and cause pain? How can you feel peace, when there is constant turmoil? The answer is, by working your self-healing process when upsets arise. The faster you get to this work, the sooner you will be on the other side, feeling the joy and peace of your True Nature.

The more you live in your True Nature, the happier you will become. Challenges will dissolve and life will work out in miraculous ways. You will be aligned with the higher plan for your life and for the planet, one with the Divine Destiny that is birthing a New World in this time.

You don’t need to go around under a dark cloud, or have your shoulders droop as you carry immense loads. You don’t need to be troubled, burdened, or sad for days at a time. This doesn’t mean you should bypass your feelings and pretend you feel ok when you don’t. The most effective way to deal with upset is to turn within and tend to the part of you that is hurting. This is the magic key! I lay out a powerful Self Healing process I developed in my book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny. A way to Self Actualize and realize your full potential, it allows you to move quickly into peace, and to live in the peace of your True Nature more often.


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