Sacred Alchemist Training


The Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium
3 level Certification Trainings that can be taken from anywhere in the world

The Sacred Alchemist Certification Courses (Levels 1 – 3) are unique in that they transfer a high level of mastery and skill to the Initiate through experiential learning modules.

Level 1: Spiritual Counselor Certification insures that once graduated, the individual will not only be highly skilled Spiritual Counselor, Healer, and Life Coach, he/she will emulate the exemplary lifestyle and way of being this training inspires.

Level 2 –Spiritual Leadership Training – To be a certified Spiritual Leader in the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, helping fulfill our mission worldwide, you must be a graduate of Levels 1 and 2.

Level 3 – Sacred Alchemist/Minister in the Temple of Sacred Alchemy. To become a minister in the Temple, you must complete 3 years of The Sacred Alchemist Training Levels 1 – 3. Upon graduation, the Sacred Alchemist/Minister can choose to work closely with us in the organization or open a chapter of the Temple in your area to serve your community with counseling, coaching, support groups, classes, community outreach and services. Sacred Alchemists help expand our Healing Ministry worldwide.


On a deeper level, you could say The Sacred Alchemist training is similar to what might be found in an ancient Mystery School, where the applicant learns how to master the Shadow (human) Nature, empower their Authentic Self, become a Master Healer, and fulfill their Highest Destiny Potential.

The Initiate’s Higher Purpose is revealed and they are supported every step of the way to actualize their potential and fulfill their Highest Divine Plan. Thus, each Initiate that partakes of this training has much to offer in whatever field or endeavor they enter. If they choose a completely different profession than the above, they will receive complete support, because the essential element in this program is to assist the individual to realize their Highest Destiny Potential, which will be revealed and become clear for them through the program. Whatever the life choice upon graduation, the student will be prepared to enter greater service and will be attuned to and on fire to fulfill their Divine Purpose.

If they enter fully into one or more of the vocations within this course, they will have great fulfillment in assisting others to live their highest potential, exemplifying Sacred Alchemy Principles and Practice as an inspirational figure, spiritual leader and/or healer in their community.

Some of the learning modules within the Sacred Alchemist Training are:

Understanding the Psyche: This training brings the novitiate into a clear understanding and awareness of the inner workings of the psyche. You will learn the difference between the Shadow and Authentic Self, how to discern what is driving you and when, and how to tell the difference, no matter how subtle, so you can choose to empower your Authentic Nature consistently.

Self Mastery: This trains you in living in your Authentic Self most of the time, while masterfully tending to and healing Shadow Aspects as they arise. This level of mastery allows the individual to fulfill their Highest Destiny Potential and to unleash their full Creative Expression. Instead of living as most humanity does, fulfilling the dictates of their human programming and the fate dictated by their human conditioning, you will learn how to heal the Shadow aspects that arise, so that you are living your highest potential, making the wisest decisions for your life.

Self Healing: The Art of Self Healing will be introduced in month one as you begin your Self Counseling sessions. You will learn how to master your psychology by working on your issues as they arise utilizing the Sacred Alchemy 7 step self healing technique called TheQuest.

Self Actualization: This training is designed to assist the novitiate in actualizing their Full Potential. This potential is realized through actualizing the Authentic Self and allowing its creative expression, insights, and wisdom to rule one’s life. Aligning with this Self and empowering its vision and direction, the novitiate moves from being human pattern driven to Authentic Self Fulfilled. The fate dictated by family patterns dissolves and you walk your Highest Destiny Path.

Empowering the Inner Divine Self: As Inner Aspects are healed with their core beliefs and patterns, the veil is removed and you experience your Authentic or Divine Self. This empowerment takes place in each session and is the reward to those who would delve deeply to find their True Nature. With this experience comes greater awareness of who you are and who you are not, why you are here on Earth at this significant time and what your Life Purpose is.

Healing the Shadow: Very quickly in the sessions, you will begin to understand the great wealth of wisdom, memory, latent abilities, power, confidence, health and wellbeing that are held in each Shadow Aspect. It is as if each is a coal… with a diamond hidden inside. By doing TheQuest, you access the lost treasures of self and awaken more fully to who you really are.

Inner Child Healing – Through Sacred Alchemy, wounded inner child parts are healed, allowing you to have a greater connection and awareness of your Inner Divine Self and your radiant inner childlike nature. A 33-day Inner Child Attunement program may be initiated as desired.

Planetary Healing – You will find through the sessions that the collective unconscious of humanity is easily accessed and a greater healing takes place each time you do TheQuest. These sessions are uniquely designed to give you a clear awareness of how your issues and patterns relate to planetary issues and human conditioning ripe for healing in the collective. You can receive confirmation in each session how many inner aspects in yourself, your family lineage, and in humanity are being healed. Understanding the greater ramification of this work allows you to see how each time you raise yourself to the next level, it helps all of humanity move forward with ever new and higher future potentials the result.

This comprehensive 3 level course interweaves the following learning modules and programs in training sessions with Dr. Ariel, where she passes her knowledge, tools, and life mastery skills directly to the student. Additionally, the home study and homework helps provide a full bodied learning environment, allowing the student to easily attain proficiency as a Spiritual Healer, Life Coach and Counselor (Level 1), Spiritual Leader in the organization (level 2), and Sacred Alchemist (Level 3) embodying the Sacred Alchemy principles, practice, healing abilities, and life mastery skills.



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