Remedy for a World in Travail

Remedy For a World in Travail
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
There is immense suffering on earth, a state our religions tell us is the nature of life on this planet. Meanwhile, we long for happiness, fulfillment and peace, and for the Eden that has remained a treasured ideal in the hearts of humanity and yet, remains in our ancient mythology, while earthly life continues its strife-filled path to an unknown future.
So, how can we find peace in a world of chaos? How can we return to the Edenic existence that is encoded within us? How can we realize our full potential? First, we must understand, that our outer challenges are but a mirror of a lost world within and a programming that has acted like a virus in the human computer dictating a strife driven reality that is a departure from our innate wisdom and authentic selfhood.
Through years of research directly in the psyche, I traced the outer conditions in my clients to a subconscious patterning that I found is the powerful creator of our worst fears and nightmares. Beyond our mental control, this encoding brings a host of ailments from ill health to financial challenges, but the potential for healing this condition exists. When we address our challenges on this deeper level, we can change our destiny, but when left unaddressed, the same type dramas play out over and over again. The Greek author, Plutarch said, "What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality."
Many people believe that our minds hold all the power. If we consciously will something we can manifest it, but there is one missing equation that has yet to be realized. The subconscious holds the power to create havoc in our lives beyond our mental control. If we want to change this programming, it must be addressed directly. This is an important key. If we want to realize our greater potential, we must change the programs that are limiting our self-expression. It is then we will begin to manifest the life of our dreams.
When more of humanity becomes aware of this inner dynamic, the world will begin to awaken to possibilities it hasn’t yet imagined. Life can be the Eden many have dreamed of, but the work begins within. We must weed out the patterns that have given us a different reality and hold fast to the part of us that can manifest this greater destiny.
If you want Inner Peace and to live on a peaceful planet, than it is important that you master your Shadow and learn how to live more often in your Peaceful Nature, the authentic part of you. You cannot have world peace if you are not peaceful. You will not have unity on earth if you are constantly in challenging dynamics with others. There will be no end to war, if you don’t stop arguing and fighting with your loved ones, because your life is having a great impact on the planet, even if you don’t realize it. You are important to the planetary equation, just as each life affects the whole.
Look at the world from a global perspective. In any given hour of the day, there is an outpouring of human emotion and activity that is having a powerful effect, because millions of people are influencing the present moment and this is translating into a future outcome. You and everyone else on the planet are contributing to the energetic of the planet and the way the world will go every day. If you are in a dark mood, express anger, resentment or frustration, by the time the day ends, you have supported the dark side of your nature and have influenced the dark side of our planetary equation. If you are peaceful, happy, content, proactive, and accomplishing your goals, that day you are lending to the positive side of the equation.
You may not have realized it, but you are important to the outcome of earth’s present challenges. You make a difference. Whether you are operating out of the dark or light side of your nature, you are having an impact on the planet. You are, in every moment, either supporting the light side of our planetary equation, casting your vote for a positive progression into the future, or the dark side, lending to the confusion, upset, and strife. Chief Arvol Looking Horse said, “On your decision depends the fate of the entire World. Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.”
The more you hold to your Authentic Selfhood and spend your days in peace, the more peace will permeate the planet, infecting those around you. Everything we think, feel, and say has a rippling effect on all life. The indigenous cultures understood this. We are a ‘collective of souls’ influencing every part of life and the outer world is but a reflection of what is taking place within us.

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