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7.4.15 GHF w/7 Ray Activations

8.8.15 GHF w/Abundance Activation

9.9.15 GHF w/Emerald Ray Activation

10.10.15 GHF w/Blue Ray Activation

11.11.15 GHF w/Violet Ray Ascension Activation

12.12.15 GHF w/Sacred Heart Activation

1.1.16 GHF w/White Fire Activation

2.2.16 GHF w/Twin Flame Activation

3.3.16 GHF w/Earth Star Activation

4.9.16 GHF w/Diamond Light of Love Activation

5.14.16 GHF w/Ascension in the Light Activation

6.11.16 GHF w/Light Victorious Activation

7.9.16 GHF w/Freedom's Holy Light Activation

8.13.16 GHF w/Golden Age Abundance Activation

9.10.16 GHF w/Golden Light of Peace Activation

10.8.16 GHF w/Rose Light of Love Activation & Anointing by Mother Mary

12.3.16 GHF w/Planetary Transformation Alpha & Omega Activation

12.10.16 GHF w/Light of the Christos Seraphim Activation

1.14.17 GHF w/Divine Logos Activation by Alpha and Omega

2.11.17 GHF w/Divine Love Activation by Eros and Amora, the Elohim of Love

3.11.17 GHF with Cornucopia of Wealth Activation by Fairy Queen Fiona

4.8.17 GHF w/Awakening the Lost Codes by God and Goddess Meru

5.13.17 GHF w/Sacred Destiny Codes from Future

6.10.17 GHF w/Light Code Activation from the Future 2023

7.8.17 GHF w/Crystalline Code Activation from the Future

8.8.17 GHF w/888 Abundance Alchemy Activation

8.12.17 GHF w/Elysian Fields Activation

9.9.17 GHF w/Crystal Light Activation

10.14.17 GHF w/Ancient Codes Activation by the Whales

11.11.17 GHF w/Codes of Destiny by 7 Seraphim

12.9.17 GHF w/Christic Light Code Activation
by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary & Sacred Divine Priestesses

1.13.18 GHF w/Ascension Activation Alignment
by Elohim Lumina & Sacred Priestesses of the Light

2.10.18 GHF w/Flame of Truth Activation
by Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth

3.10.18 GHF w/Prosperity Acceleration Activation
by Queen Fiona & King Shahalian of the Fairy Kingdom &
the Divine Sponsors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy & this Global Healing Mission

4.14.18 GHF w/ Ascension Accelerator Activation
by Serapis Bey, Hierarch of the Ascension

5.12.18 GHF w/Light of Shamballa Golden Age Activation
By Gautama Buddha & 7 Buddhas of Shamballa

6.9.18 GHF w/Crystalline Fire Activation
By the Crystalline Fire Elements & Hosts of Light

7.9.18 GHF w/ Shekinah Glory Activation
by Alpha & Omega, Representatives of the Father/Mother God,
7 Elohim & their Divine Complements, Mother Mary & 7 Archangels & Archeia
& Divine Sponsors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy & this Global Healing Mission & Activity of Light

8.11.18 GHF w/ Divine Alchemy Activation
by the Guardians of Light from the Future, Our Future Selves and Hosts of Light

9.8.18 GHF w/ New Earth Activation
by the Guardians of Light from the Future, Elementals of Earth, Our Future Selves and Hosts of Light

10.13.18 GHF w/ Ascension Fire Activation
by the Dragons of Divinity, Elementals & Hosts of Light

by Alpha & Omega

by the Christic Alliance

by the Elemental Allies of this Activity of Light

by the Elohim of Love, Eros & Amora

3.9.19 GHF w/ New Dawn Activation
by King Schiehallion and Queen Fionna

4.13.19 GHF w/Flower of Life Activation
by Guardians of Light from the Future

5.11.19 GHF w/Earth Destiny Code Activation
by the Angels of Divine Mercy













6.8.19 GHF w/Earth Alliance Activation
by Alpha and Omega

7.13.19 GHF w/Divine Dolphinic Initiation & Crystalline Code Activation 
by a Celestial Band of Illumined Dolphins

8.10.19 GHF w/Divinity of Prosperity Code Activation
by the Goddess of Abundance from the Celestial Realms of Light

9.14.19 GHF w/Divinity of Prosperity Code Activation
by the Deities of Divinity

10.12.19 GHF w/ Light of the Divine Mother Activation
by Kuan Yin and Bodhisattvas from the Realms of Light

11.9.19 GHF w/Alchemical Keys to the Golden Age
with Alchemy Activation by St Germain

12.14.19 GHF w/ Star of Christos Activation
by 3 Magi: Dwal Khul, El Morya and Kuthumi

1.11.20 GHF w/ Venusian Elixir of Life & Divine Code Activation
by the Holy Kumaras of Venus, Sanat Kumara, Venus & their Legions Of Light, 
Guardians of Light from the Future, God & Goddess Meru, Saint Germain, King Schahalian, 
Queen Fiona & our Elemental Allies

2.8.20 GHF w/ Twin Soul Alignment & Venusian Love Ray Activation

by the Lady Master Venus, Sanat Kumara, God and Goddess Meru
Guardians of Light from the Future Divine Complements

3.14.20 GHF w/ Earth Crystalline Code Activation
by Archangel Michael, Queen Fiona, Lady Master Venus, and Amitabha Buddha

4.11.20 GHF w/ Light of Truth Activation & Violet Ray Cleanse
by Elohim Amazonia, Archangel Amethyst, & Alpha and Omega

5.9.20 GHF w/Light of the Golden Ray Activation & Golden Buddha Initiation
by Amitabha Buddha

6.13.20 GHF w/God Consciousness Activation
by the Seraphim of the Mighty Light

7.11.20 GHF w/Symphony of Divine Grace Activation
by the Guardians of Light from the Future & Mother Mary

8.8.20 GHF w/Wealth and Prosperity Activation
by the Goddess of Wealth

9.12.20 GHF w/ Light of the Ascension Flame Activation
by Serapis Bey, Hierarch of the Ascension

10.10.20 GHF w/ Victory of the Light Activation
by Mighty Victory and His Legions, the Beloved Archangels, Seraphim and Others

Includes a Divine Healing Elixirs by Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Golden Buddhas of Shamballa and the Kumaras from Venus as well as Light Code Activations and More

11.14.20 GHF w/ Light of Liberty Activation
by the Goddesses of Truth, Justice and Liberty


12.12.20 GHF w/Sacred Union Activation
by Babaji, Joseph (St Germain) and Jesus

1.1.21 New Year's Day Global Healing Event
by the Archangels and Hosts of Light

1.12.21 GHF w Archangelic Divine Alignment Activation & Violet Ray Cleanse
by Archangels Zadkiel & Holy Amethyst, Mother Mary & Hosts of Light

2.13.21 Elohim Light of Love Activation
by Elohim of Love, Eros and Amora & Hosts of Light

3.13.21 GHF w/ Light of Eden Activation
by Alsatia, Aramonde and Leandra of the Elemental Kingdoms
along with the Hosts of Light

4.10.21 GHF w Sacred Fire of Love Activation
by the Goddess of Love

5.8.21 GHF w Light of the Buddhas Activation
by Siddhartha (Gautama Buddha), Amitabha Buddha, the Golden Buddhas from Shamballa & Babaji

6.12.21 GHF w Ascension Awakening Activation
by Serapis Bey and Hosts of Light

7.10.21 GHF w Crystalline Pattern of Divine Perfection
with 7 Activations from Representatives of 7 Hierarchies of Light

8.14.21 GHF w Abundant Life Activation & Master Recode
by Goddess of Wealth and Elemental Allies of Our Global Healing Ministry

9.11.21 GHF w The Glorious Light
by the Ascended Ones of Telos, Venusian Masters and Hosts of Light

10.9.21 GHF w the Chrysalis of Divinity Activation

by Archangels Zadkiel & Holy Amethyst with their Archangelic Legions and other Hosts of Light

11.13.21 GHF w Miracles of Divine Mercy Activation
A Timely Remedy from the Realms of Light by Kuan Yin and her Legions of Divine Mercy

12.11.21 GHF w Frankinsense & Myrrh Activation
By Babaji with Joseph, Jesus & Himalayan Masters

1.8.22 GHF w Heralding in the New Dawn Activation
by Mother Mary & the Archangels

2.12.22 GHF w Venusian Love Ray Activation
by Venus, Sanat Kumara, Archangels & Hosts of Light

3.12.22 GHF w Alchemy of Delight Activation
by the Beloved Elementals, Archangels and Hosts of Light

4.9.22 GHF w Quantum Self Activation
by Victory and His Legions of Light

5.14.22 GHF w Light of Shamballa Golden Buddha Activation
by Gautama Buddha with Amitabha, Golden Buddhas from Shamballa, Babaji and Yogananda

6.11.22 Majestic Presence Activation
by the Divine Master Dwellers of Inner Earth

7.9.22 GHF w/Mighty Destiny Activation
by Alpha and Omega, Archangels, Elohim & Great Cosmic Beings

8.13.22 GHF w Garden of Eden Activation
by Venusian Masters, Kumaras, Archangels, Mother Mary & Others


9.10.22 GHF w Starfire Activation
by Mother Mary, Pallas Athena, Kuan Yin & Other Divine Feminine Masters

10.8.22 GHF w Light of New Dawn Activation
by the Elohim of Peace

11.12.22 GHF w Elohim Love Activation
by Elohim of the 7 Rays

12.10.22 GHF w Song of the Christos Activation
By Babaji, Himalayan Masters, Mother Mary, Jesus & the Essene Community of Light

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