Our Vision

Picture37Our Vision

Our Vision is of a Transformed World
with enlightened people who are conscious stewards of the Earth,
living in gratitude for the abundant gifts of a Benevolent Nature Kingdom.

We believe that each drop of goodwill and right action
poured into the Sea of Life
has a rippling effect through ever radiating circles of positive energy
that keep moving through our world blessing all.

Our Intention is to gift the world with
Inspired Music, Books, and Films and other timely offerings that bring
Peace to the mind, Joy to the heart, and Illumination to the Soul,
connecting each person with their True Essence,
which is the Doorway to Healing and Peace.

It is our Vision that the conscious intentions and
benevolent actions of all of us together
will make a difference to our planet,
and that as each one of us rises to claim our True Destiny,
the world will receive the bounty of our many gifts and unique talents.
All together that can translate into an Age of Enlightenment and Peace…
A Worthy Intention for the New Millennium!

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