Return to Authentic Selfhood

Return to Authentic Selfhood
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Many people today are waking up and freeing themselves from programming that has caused untold misery. When you have loving kindness towards your Self, compassion for your human failings, and self-respect, you can more easily make positive changes. When you have the right tools, you can easily transform the programming that has created the dichotomy within you that keeps you feeling ashamed and disempowered. When you reprogram the patterns creating hardship in your life, you alter your destiny and your future changes for the better.

Each time you restore an inner subconscious program to its innate design, you return to wholeness and have more peace. Practicing this art as a life path gives you a level of self-mastery, few on earth have attained, and this allows you to be in your higher nature most of the time, while skillfully healing your Shadow as it arises. If more of humanity healed and matured their ‘inner children’ and became their full Authentic Self, life would be very different on this planet.

After mastering the major counseling techniques that emerged in the last century, I was compelled to go further and this resulted in a way to radically change life from within. TheQuest was developed and is a powerful and fast way to change inner programs. I have seen it heal relationships, restore financial well being, and even cure life threatening illnesses.

Over the years I have witnessed many miracles with TheQuest, which has given me the desire to bring this technology to the world in a way that everyone can use it. I found that people today have the ability and awareness to do their own self healing, and so developed a cmplete Self Healing System I am passing on in my book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny.

When you understand that you are perfect beyond your human programming, it is a great relief. You have a shadow side, but this aspect of human nature gives you something to overcome. When you are in darkness, you seek the light. When insecure, you seek confidence. When stressed, you seek peace. What you are really seeking in all these instances is to reestablish a connection with your Authentic Self so that you can embody the qualities of your True Nature. When you reconnect with this Self, you have found a place of peace beyond your human programming and its incessant preoccupation with strife. You experience True Perfection and find that your True Nature is divine. You are a spiritual being who has embodied on Earth, taken on a shadow nature, and are finding your way back to Authentic Selfhood.

Confidence, happiness, and inner peace are things we don’t need to seek outside of ourselves, or take classes to attain. We just need to heal the parts of us that keep us in a lesser reality, so that we can return to the person we really are. It’s a great relief to not have to strive for perfection in the outer sense or pretend we are perfect so others will like us while we hate ourselves inside.

Sometimes we make mistakes or harm others. We choose destructive paths or engage in destructive behaviors. We lose ourselves in addictions or in fits of anger. We fall short of our ideals, letting others and ourselves down. It is impossible to act perfectly all the time and to do everything ‘right,’ even if we try very hard to do so. This is because we are embedded with human patterns and driven from a programming that has passed down our family lines for centuries, but that does not mean we are evil. The dark part of our nature is just an overlay, clouding our best judgment and keeping us from living our full potential. The good news is that we can heal it!

When we turn within and work lovingly with the parts of us that are programmed in this way, we become free to live out of our enlightened nature. It is then we bless everything and everyone around us. We become agents of positive change in the world when we act out of our divine nature, the pure and true part of us that is ever awaiting our return so that it can be fully embraced and embodied. When fully aligned with our Authentic Self, it provides the vehicle for our greatest creative expression, personal achievement, and soul fulfillment in this earthly life.

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