A Glorious Future Unveiled

A Glorious Future Unveiled
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

At this historic time, we are releasing an ancient heritage that kept us caught in the old games with its focus on personal survival and material advancement. We are moving swiftly out of the grip of planetary despair into the joyous renewal and restoration of our Divine Awareness. We are leaving the human patterns that once held us in misery, to embody our divinity as spiritual beings having an extraordinary human experience.

Through this inner shift, everything is magically changing around us. Our issues are resolving, our illnesses are healing, and our inner pain is dissolving. The Dark Night is fading away… as our awakened consciousness creates a new reality… in a Golden Age on Earth.

This is the Awakening… a great happening taking place all over the planet. It is an inner experience realized from an inner vantage point. Then it becomes a real, tangible experience, beyond what we have read or heard about, a reality that rises to meet others in a similar amazing place.

As we align with our True Destiny and reason for being here at this time, synchronicities and timely meetings call us out of our busy lives, into soul alliances that are changing the way of life on earth. This Grand Alliance is igniting a global shift in consciousness beyond our imagination.

Through this magical interplay of souls awakening worldwide, a Global Renaissance is taking place that is transforming the world around us. Old archaic ideologies that kept us downtrodden and weary fade away as a glimmering light meets us on the New Horizon. The sun of an Illumined Reality rises in its glory illuminating the whole sky. Together we vanquish the Dark Night… suffering ends… and we are FREE.

We enter the time long prophesized, and willed into a physical, tangible reality by millions of souls worldwide. In it, a New World is born and we are all a part of it. By forging our destinies through immense obstacles and personal limitations, we stand together, witnessing the End of the Reign of Darkness and the Birth of An Age of Light.

Just as the Iron Curtain crumbled, evil dictators were dethroned, and a thousand atrocities were put behind us… we now have our full awareness on the last remnants of darkness on this planet and those that play out of the shadow side. We also see its reflection in our own shadow. As we heal it, the world around transforms.

We are riding on a fast moving tide into a new era, rising on a Wave of Grace into an illumined future. Sharing our gifts, exchanging our wisdom, transferring our knowledge, building new creations… creating a New World out of an old order… all of us together, in this time.

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