Birthing a New World

Birthing a New World
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Paramahansa Yogananda was an Indian Sage who came to America to teach a Path of Self Realization. His main impact and appeal was his ability to embody and exemplify his higher nature. He touched countless lives with his Self Realization Fellowship ministry, proving the existence of an Authentic Self that lies beneath our human programming, and demonstrated how this Self reconnects us with our Source. Through his dedicated work, many people learned how to live in the harmony and peace of their True Nature.

Other sages from east and west have brought their unique perspective to our planetary equation and with it, Keys to Enlightenment that have been embraced by flocks of hungry souls on the planet. America has been a Light to the World and other nations and peoples are rising to meet her. Yes, human programming has been playing out to such a sad degree that war has become a way of life for Americans, but behind the scenes, the worldwide Awakening was largely birthed on her shores, and this has had a rippling effect on other peoples and nations.

America has been a front-runner in a human potential movement that is now a global happening. The unique language of a higher consciousness has permeated even our television shows. Consciousness is catching and illumined thinking and actions do make a difference. We are seeing this as inspired souls help resolve planetary issues and pave a new way for humanity.

The people of this world have suffered enough, but to end suffering, we must each determine to do our part by tending to our inner world. It is time we take ourselves off the cross and return to being who we really are, so that we can manifest our greater potential and the world can reflect our enlightenment, harmony, and peace.
Inner changes create outer shifts so powerful as to defy the imagination, because our inner world is powerful, whether on the dark or light side. Look at the power one wounded man wielded from the dark side of his nature (Hitler) and the immense suffering that occurred. Harnessing our Divine Nature can have an equally powerful effect as a positive force of goodwill.

When masses of people choose to live from their higher nature, vast changes take place on Earth. That is what we are seeing today and why this is such a powerful and prophetic time. It is history in the making. Through the shedding of the old consciousness and the purification of the dark side of our nature, we are transformed, and through our transformation, we change the very nature of our earthly existence. When millions of people follow this path, we birth a New World.


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