Reclaiming the Lost Self

Reclaiming the Lost Self
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

It is time for us to realize our greater potential, to find the jewels of our True Nature and know that, as Souls of Light, we are multifaceted, brilliant, and rare. Our Soul Essence speaks to our innate Divinity, that source of Life within that never changes, is never harmed or destroyed by anything we ever go through. For it is a reality that dwells in its own plane, its own sacred space, waiting silently for us to embrace it once again and thereby reclaim our lost power.

Piero Ferrucci, in his book, What We May Be, Techniques For Psychological And Spiritual Growth Through Psychosynthesis, speaks of the Authentic Self as “the only part of us which remains forever the same. When we fully experience it, it becomes an ever-present pivot point for the rest of our personality where we can regain our poise and self-consistency.”

It is reclaiming this Lost Self that will allow us to realize our full potential, not the endless accomplishments we perform throughout the day. Our self-esteem can only be restored when we become the part of us that has a strong self-image, that lives in truth, that knows the beauty of our soul, and is a bastion of wisdom, powerful and clear.

In his book, Unfoldment of the Great Within, Bernhard Jensen speaks of the importance of connecting with our Authentic Self. He says, that “every person has a ‘Great Within,' a power asleep, genius latent, possibilities that are slumbering, gifts that are undiscovered, and aptitudes that are as yet untapped.” He believes, “We each need a self-introduction and that self-recognition is imperative.”

If you want to be free of your patterns, if you want to realize your full potential, you must take the journey within. You must go deep within your psyche, passing through all the self-judgments, inner wounds, and painful memories you’ve carried for so long to find your Lost Self.

This is the path of the Initiate. It is a rite of passage that will take you from the momentums born of unconscious patterns to the power of your Authentic Self. The glory of this inner work is that when you relinquish the temporal power that has limited your life experience, your Divine Powers are restored.

If we, in this new millennium, fail to harness the wisdom and power of the Authentic Self, if we choose instead to remain in ignorance, perpetuating the mythology that causes suffering in the earth, we will continue to live as children rather than realizing our full potential and fulfilling our highest destiny. The earth will continue in its present path of destruction while humanity experiences cataclysms beyond imagination, for if not healed within us, the wounded self will continue to create suffering in the world.

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