Power of the Authentic Self

Power of the Authentic Self
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

As the new millennium dawned, humanity had only just begun to tap into the power of the Authentic Self and to live out of its transcendent reality knowing true joy. Movements were born that espoused personal freedoms and while many positioned themselves to herald in a time of peace, wars continued. This is the sad side of our present earth experience. For rise as we might to embody our noblest qualities and realize our greatest dreams, our old patterns live on creating a very different reality. We long for peace on earth, but our planet has entered a Dark Night.

This dichotomy is a reflection of what is happening within us. The light and dark sides of our nature are playing out and which will win? Will we continue to allow our Shadow Self to power our lives or will we finally hand the scepter of power to our Authentic Self? This is the question of the hour. We are being called to make a choice. It is a collective decision that is having a dramatic impact on our future that can change the landscape of our planet forever. What are you choosing?

In the midst of grave darkness, the Indwelling Spirit is rising, awakening us to an Authentic Selfhood long relegated to being a myth. When we enter its Presence, we are transformed. We feel whole, peaceful, and complete. We gain confidence in our abilities and strive to positively change our life.

Then, without warning, we leave the peace of our True Nature. We return to a consciousness so often overcome with sadness, anger, upset, or grief. We’ve felt the magic of the vast inner creative genius that can transform us from within, but so often we remain saddled under life’s constraints and burdens, barely realizing one tenth of our potential. That is why self-mastery is so important. We must consciously quell the shadow side of our nature and to do this, we have to heal these inner programs, not just ignore them hoping they will disappear.

There is a power that comes from uniting with your internal truth. You feel centered, clear, and directed. You have a quiet power that emanates from you, and people are impacted by your presence. Your words have a powerful influence on others, because you anchored in your Self. You are never inauthentic. You don’t need to pretend you know more, or are better than others, because you know your true value and worth.

When you live from this authentic reality, you naturally take time to enjoy life. You revel in each life experience and spend moments appreciating the scenery and unique landscape of your life. You take time to drink in the beauty that is all around you and are constantly uplifted and nourished. You feel excited about the things you are working on, and enriched by your close relationships. You live each moment to the fullest.


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