The Last Frontier

The Last Frontier
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

In this Time of the Awakening, we are summoned to the Last Frontier, the uncharted realms of the psyche, to find the answers to our personal dilemmas and to heal the unconscious wounds that we carry not only from our own personal experience but also from the generations of our past. This is the level of healing a challenging passage provides. Largely left to itself, subconscious programming has the power to create havoc in our world and yet, it has gone unnoticed and unaddressed in every century. Meanwhile, the soul of humanity remains wounded.

Bound to false ideals of martyrdom from ages of misinterpretation, our subconscious patterns continue to create suffering in the world rather than harmony, loving, and peace. Financial hardship and ruin, relationship challenges and more drive home the fact that we are living under false ideologies that have paved the way to suffering in each millennium. It is time that we address the reasons behind the ills of our world rather than continually striving to fix each little problem.

There is a vast reservoir of pain permeating the planet. Perhaps you have felt it. It is an echo of a wound within the psyche of humanity. It is calling for our attention and healing, but we have learned, as a race of humans, to ignore the inner pain and instead try to cover it over with endless activities, pleasures and substances that have led to an addiction epidemic worldwide. With our minds continually set on the activities of the outer world, our inner pain is unaddressed, and the inner voice of reason that has insightful answers and a potential for healing goes unheard. Ignoring this most powerful part of ourselves, we remain subject to a human patterning of pain while our souls cry out unfulfilled. We are out of touch with our humanity and ourselves. We remain like programmed robots inhabiting a world devoid of our inner wisdom and guidance.

To heal the planet is a worthy intention, but it will take much more than good works and kind deeds, more than timely inventions and humanitarian efforts. It will take a journey within that will seem as precarious as a journey to the Center of the Earth, for it will lead us to our inner monsters, to self hatred and fear, to false beliefs and noble-seeming ideologies born from misinterpreting who we are. We must journey through the rubble of our wounded past, revisiting all that has caused us pain and acknowledge the devastation our patterns have created.

We must awaken to the fact that we were never victims. Our patterns and false convictions created every painful experience we have ever gone through. Our subconscious has been the powerful ruler in our world and we have allowed it to create misery and pain until the planet is immersed in suffering that is unbearable to witness and experience.

While Heaven on Earth has been a cherished ideal of the masses, in truth, Heaven seldom visits the earth. Each moment spent in churches and Synagogues, meditation or contemplation is soon forgotten as we reenter the world of human drama with all its personality conflicts. A thousand meditations cannot wipe away the fact that there is an underlying cause behind suffering in our world, that the mind cannot repair by simply striving to live in peace. We must go deeper. We must find the wounded self and heal it. We must put the unresolved past to rest.

We must release our misinterpretations, stand in truth, and cast out the myth of victimhood at last. We cannot live in the victim consciousness and think that we can manifest Heaven on Earth. The two do not go together. We must free ourselves from the prisons of martyrdom, lay to rest our history of sorrow and travail, and move into a glorious future, free and unfettered.

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